A Road Less Traveled

This is my place to express my road that I have traveled through life. The road is less traveled as I have not really considered myself to conform to the ‘norm’ for a woman of my vintage.

I have had several careers, lots of differing interests and experiences, and the knowledge gained from these I would like to share.


My Vision for Sharing.

Endeavoring to educate the world one person at a time. When I was in the RAAF, I was teaching my subordinates, peers and superiors (in rank) how to do things. Whether that was how to load a telex machine or how to get the most out of the 'dreaded' ration pack. I resigned from the RAAF in 2000, and I found that I enjoyed the problem solving and teaching aspects of my job in the RAAF. I then taught for 14 years at a Vocational Education College. My specialist subject was and is Web Technologies. Specifically Web Design and Development. I left the college in 2015 and have been on a mission of self discovery and realising that I am good at teaching and mentoring people about web technologies. I started my business - Graphitedge - just to do that

study stools

My Life Interests

RAAF Crest

Royal Australian Air Force

A 16 year long commitment. I joined due to an interest in military aircraft and a love of Australia. I stayed because of the job I did and the people I worked and met whilst in.


Arts and Crafts

I have vivid memories of learning to knit at my mother’s knee. It has been an interest of mine for years, along with other craftsy type activities. Especially beanies, lace shawls, rugs.




From my first year in high school I have been interested in technology. This could be anything from creating a program with punch cards to how an aircraft keeps itself in the air.


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