Knitter • Veteran • Web Technologist

A Road Less Travelled

Painting of me as a veteran

Endeavouring to educate the world about technology one person at a time.

When I was in the RAAF, I was teaching my subordinates, peers and superiors (in rank) how to do things. Whether that was how to load a telex machine or how to get the most out of the ‘dreaded’ ration pack.

I resigned from the RAAF in 2000, and I found that I enjoyed the problem solving and teaching aspects of my job in the RAAF. I then taught for 14 years at a Vocational Education College. My specialist subject was and is Web Technologies. Specifically Web Design and Development.

I left the college in 2015 and have been on a mission of self discovery and realising that I am good at teaching and mentoring people about web technologies. I started my business – Graphitedge – just to do that

A Snapshot of my life