depicts where dequervan affects the hands

Giving your hands some help

For those of  who have not had a hand injury or born with out “normal” hands; we only have one set of hands, unlike some sci-fi characters. As such we should give them a “helping hand” so that we have long into our old age working as expected without any pain added by our modern

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jigsawlike grid.

Exploring Grid CSS

This is an experiment in using Grid CSS, that is used in a production site.The client wanted a visual representation of the work they do. The instruction was along the line of “we have many parts that fit together like a jigsaw”. Whilst I have not created individual jigsaw pieces I have created a grid

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Hobart Cenotaph, Tasmania

ANZAC Day and being a Peace-Time Veteran

This is a reflection on ANZAC Day and what it means to one female veteran who has served 16 years in the Royal Australian Air Force.
ANZAC Day means different things to different people and this is just one persons opinion.

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Big Ideas

eHealth Systems, M2M Communication & Security

This is an essay in regards to innovation in the M2M communication and Internet of Things. Security has been a hot topic for a few years now in the various sectors of business. This essay looks at the implementations of IoT in the e-health sector and what it may mean going forward.

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