Put On Your Reading Glasses

My writings are eclectic in nature.From experiments in coding through to ideas and thoughts about my service to my country, my favourite recipes and university theses for different postgraduate degrees I have either completed or doing.

Take some time to read any of the articles here for either inspiration or just doing.

  • Giving your hands some help
    If you have ever had a sore hand you know the inconvenience it can bring. This article is about how to help your hands be on top of their game from a lived experience.
  • CSS Grid, My first coding experiment
    CSS Grid experiment in creating an overlapping image gallery.
  • ANZAC Day and being a Peace-Time Veteran
    This is a reflection on ANZAC Day and what it means to one female veteran who has served 16 years in the Royal Australian Air Force. ANZAC Day means different things to different people and this is just one persons opinion.
  • eHealth Systems, M2M Communication & Security
    This is an essay in regards to innovation in the M2M communication and Internet of Things. Security has been a hot topic for a few years now in the various sectors of business. This essay looks at the implementations of IoT in the e-health sector and what it may mean going forward.